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Do you own property in Siesta Key or the surrounding Sarasota area? Do you want to turn it into income-generating property? We have a variety of plans available for both in-town and absentee owners, all designed to take as much hassle out of the process as possible.

We handle all advertising, property showings, preparation of rental agreements, and collection of rent and security deposits. We also take care of collection and disbursement of the necessary taxes. We schedule all cleanings and can even arrange to have your home or condo fixed up in time for your first tenant.

We are available 24 hours a day should any problem arise, and we schedule both regular and emergency maintenance to each unit, thus preventing you from receiving late night calls from tenants needing assistance.

Home & Condo Rentals and Property Mgmt., Inc. is a family owned and operated property management company started in Venice FL in 1997, and we are now happy to have 3 generations working to provide the best customer satisfaction possible for our owners. Our Siesta Key/Sarasota branch office is located on the beautiful island of Siesta Key. We are good at what we do and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built: ask about us at the Venice Chamber of Commerce or the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce.

Want more information? Feel free to give us a call. We are always looking for quality rental units!

Read below for Letters of Recommendation from some of our current owners.

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Property Management Service Packages

Different management packages are available for you to choose from based on how much or how little you want us to do for you. For information on pricing, Contact Us

Full Management Package

  • Advertise and show property
  • Procure tenant
  • Background and credit check (annual rentals)
  • Prepare rental agreements
  • Prepare and submit Condo Applications
  • Collect and pay sales and tourist taxes (seasonal rentals)
  • Disburse funds (direct deposit is available)
  • Schedule cleanings, property inspections
  • Handle maintenance and other problems
  • Paying monthly bills on property (optional for an additional charge)

Letters of Recommendation from some of our Current Owners

Holly and Vic have been managing my home on Siesta Key for over 10 years. I grew up in Sarasota, so my property has a special place in my heart. Holly, Vic and Victor run a family owned business. This is important to me because they truly care that every detail is taken care of and that responsible renters are in my property. They go above and beyond. They treat your home as if it is their own. They are honest, have ethics, and high integrity. They are straightforward and to the point. They are there to help you when you need it and to problem solve with you. I highly recommend Home and Condo rentals.

Woodland Hills, CA

To Whom It May Concern:

I am new to the vacation/seasonal rental market and was very reluctant to hand my home over to strangers to manage. I live in California and needed to find someone that I could trust. I needed to find someone who would be willing and able to get my home ready for renting as soon as possible. Some work and renovations needed to be done before I could open my home to renters. Living so far away it was impossible for me to do it without a lot of help. I interviewed a few large companies and did not feel like they had my best interest at heart and they didn’t give me the personal attention I was looking for. They were very slow to get the ball rolling and I was in a crunch. Then I found Vic and Holly. They have been amazing. They went far above and beyond what I expected or asked for. They oversaw the entire transition from the old tenant moving out to the renovations and repairs, to the delivery and staging of the furniture. They did it all in a very efficient and timely manner and the house looks beautiful. Before I knew it the house was posted on several web sites and they immediately started securing renters.

They have been a pleasure to deal with. They are very attentive to detail and very easy to work with. Every suggestion they gave I followed and it’s worked out perfectly. They are smart, kind, and courteous but most of all they are honest hard working people.

If you are looking for someone you can trust to manage your property in your best interest then I would seriously consider hiring them. I recommend them without reservation.

San Francisco, CA

To Whom It May Concern:

I’ve been a condo owner in Sarasota (Siesta Key) Florida for almost 20 years and until about a year ago I used “on-site” management to handle the rental of my property. After growing weary of the “Laissez Faire” attitude of our rental manager, I searched for someone who I thought would be more in line with my idea of exceptional customer care and responsiveness. That company/person has been found with Vickie (Vic) Harris of Home and Condo Rentals.

Vic has exactly the type of attitude, customer care mentality and desire to exceed both owner and renter needs that I desire. She works exceedingly hard to insure that renters are always matched with properties that meet (or exceed) their expectations and – should you need it – she is always there to provide on-going assistance with additional needs… “Hey Vic, help I need a roll-a-way” or “Vic, where can we rent a boat for the day”, etc.

As an owner, one of the best things about working with Vic and her office partner Holly is their combined sense of responsiveness and flexibility. I never have that feeling of “uneasiness” about calling them that I used to get with my previous property manager. Simply stated, Vic Harris and Home and Condo Rentals are just high value, hard working, customer driven folks who enjoy what they do, and do it better than anyone in the area that I know of.

So, without reservation I can recommend their services whether for a short stay or seasonal visit to our wonderful Sarasota, Florida area.

With warmest personal regards, I am

Sarasota (Siesta Key), Florida

To Whom It May Concern:

Vic Harris has been our agent through Home & Condo Rentals on Siesta Key, Florida for almost a year. We are absentee owners and depend on rental income to defray our costs. We have been renting this property with various levels of success for almost 9 years and I have to say Vic has been one of the best agents we have had. She is responsive, proactive and efficient. For example, she has alerted us several times just as trouble was starting or the potential for problems seemed imminent. Vic never second guesses and immediately will email or call if there are any questions, either for her clarification or on behalf of the tenant.

When my husband and I met her it seemed like we were greeting an old friend. Her people skills serve her well, of that I am sure. We want someone we can trust to oversee our property and Vic Harris fits the bill. She is on top of her game and is aware of condo rules and regulations. And it just so happens we have one of the best tenants we’ve had for years and I’m sure Vic had a lot to do with that, just because of who she is. We are delighted to have her as our agent.



To Whom It May Concern:

It is without reservation that I recommend Ms. Vic Harris and Home and Condo Rentals as a dependable management service. I am an out of state Sarasota homeowner and have been with Home and Condo since 2004. I have consistently been satisfied with their service and even more so since dealing directly with Ms. Harris and Holly the past couple of years. They contact me immediately when problems arise with the rental and upon my approval, quickly see to it that the problem is resolved; be it a necessary repair or issue with a tenant. If the problem takes time, they keep me informed every step of the way until the finish. I also trust that when one tenant moves they act quickly to obtain a tenant to keep me from incurring the expense of a vacant property.

Aubrey, Texas


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