Terms & Conditions

Home & Condo Rentals and Property Mgmt., Inc. hereafter called BROKER, licensed under Florida Statutes 475 is an agent and representative of the landlord, and enters into this agreement for the short term rental as described below.

The balance is due 60 days prior to rental start date.

Cancellation Terms: If cancellation occurs prior to the final payment being made monies paid by the tenant will be refunded, less $200 cancellation fee. Processing Fee is not refundable. If cancellation occurs after final payment is made, and Broker is able to re-rent under the same terms, monies paid by the tenant will be refunded, less $200 cancellation fee & processing fee. If cancellation occurs after final payment is made and Broker is unable to re-rent under the same terms, there is No Refund. If Broker is able to re-rent for a lesser term or amount any monies paid by tenant will be used to make up the deficit in rent. If tenant does not pay the balance due by the due date noted on agreement the property will be put back on the market for rent and the reservation deposit will be treated as above.

Damage Waiver Fee: $99 non-refundable Damage Waiver Fee is required for all reservations. Broker requires a valid Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover Card number on file in addition to the $99 Damage Waiver Fee. The Damage Waiver Fee is a non-refundable Fee that relieves Guests of the cost for accidental damage to the Rental Property and/or contents, not to exceed the amount of coverage up to $500.00. The unintentional and/or accidental damage must be reported immediately to management in order for the damage waiver to activate. Accidental damages beyond $500.00 will be charged to the guest using their credit card on file. The Damage Waiver Fee does not cover intentional damage, theft, unauthorized entry into the owner’s supply closet, unauthorized pets, extensive cleaning required at check-out, smoking, exceeding occupancy, or any other charges in Broker’s Rental Policies and Rental Agreement including any fines imposed on Broker by the City, County, State or Home Owner Association as the result of violation of any law, ordinance, rule or regulation or any fines or costs levied against Guest or visitors of Guest (Excess Damage Costs). Guest will be notified of any Excess Damage Costs by phone and/or in writing. Any Excess Damage Costs will also be charged immediately to the Guest’s credit card. Guest assumes full responsibility for any items found to be missing and any damage due to misuse, negligence or action on Guests or Guests’ visitors part, except in the case of normal wear-and-tear reported to Broker within 48 hours of Check-in.

Check In and Check Out times will be strictly enforced. If a tenant moves into a property before the beginning of the rental term pro-rated rent plus applicable taxes will be charged. If a tenant remains in the property after the end of the rental term Double the pro-rated rent plus taxes will be charged and may be deducted from the security deposit. Occupancy after 10:00 a.m. on departure date will constitute additional pro-rated rent.

Occupants: Minimum Age required to rent the property is 28. Only those designated in this Agreement shall occupy the unit unless consent of Owner or Owners agent is obtained. Tenant will be required to provide names and ages of all occupants. Tenant agrees to abide by all occupancy rules of association or other governing agency.

Association Rules and Regulations: Anyone occupying a unit governed by a homeowners or condominium association shall abide by all association rules and regulations. Tenant agrees to comply with all association requests for information.

Accommodations: Due to circumstances beyond the control of Broker, if your designated unit is not available for any reason, Broker will use its best efforts to locate a comparable substitute unit. In the event a substitute unit is not available, tenant agrees to hold Owner, Broker, it agents and representatives harmless for any damages, costs or inconvenience suffered and Tenant shall receive a full refund of any and all amounts paid.

Amenities: Tenant agrees to hold Owner and Broker harmless in the event of a failure of or nonavailability of any on-site amenity. If you are renting the unit sight unseen, your signature on this agreement releases Broker, and its representatives from any deficiencies you may find in the unit.

Vehicles: No boats, motor homes, trailers, commercial vehicles or motorcycles shall be permitted on the premises unless otherwise provided herein. Most condominium associations do not allow trucks of any kind. Please check the rules governing the condominium association.

Pets: Pets are not permitted and constitute a serious violation. If an exception is made, tenant agrees that owner may charge an additional non-refundable pet fee.

Telephones: Tenant must use a phone calling card to make long distance phone calls. Telephones may be used to make local calls. Should long distant calls be inadvertently charged to the owner. Tenant agrees to pay for the calls, if tenant has vacated the charges will be charged to the tenant’s credit card on file.

Right of Entry: Upon 24 hours notice, Owner or Owners representative(s) have the right to enter the unit for the purpose of making repairs, or to inspect unit. Owner or Broker and/or its representatives have immediate right of entry in cases of emergency, or to protect or preserve the premises.

Miscellaneous charges: Tenant shall be assessed key charges, if any, for each key, pass, pool tag, opener, lost or not returned to Broker upon check-out. Keys, passes, openers, must be returned to Brokers office at time of checkout. If Broker or agents has to retrieve keys, passes, opener, left in unit tenant will be charged a $35.00 charge. Such charges will be charged to the tenant’s credit card on file.

Cleaning Charge: Tenant agrees to pay the aforementioned cleaning charge, plus applicable taxes. Tenant shall clean all dishes. Tenant is not required to launder all linens/sheets/towels prior to checkout. If Broker determines, in its sole discretion, that excessive dirt, furniture stains, carpet stains, or other damage is present, additional charges will be assessed and charged to the tenant’s credit card on file.

Maintenance: Owner shall be responsible for maintaining the unit unless damage is caused by Tenant’s misuse or neglect. Tenant agrees that no rent reduction or abatement will be given unless unit is deemed to be completely uninhabitable. Tenant may not make any changes to the unit and must put the furniture back to its original location. Broker will order repairs in a timely manner once Tenant gives notification, but Broker has no control over the scheduling availability of vendors. Tenant agrees that any problems will immediately be brought to Brokers attention or Tenant will be held liable for damages. Neither Owner nor Broker will be responsible for any unauthorized expenses incurred by Tenant or his/her guests. Home & Condo Rentals, Inc. has a 24-hour on call maintenance department. Any work performed by the Homeowner’s Association in the unit or buildings, nearby buildings, grounds or common amenities is not reason for refund or cancellation.

Assignment: Tenant shall not assign this agreement or sublet the premises or any part thereof. Any unauthorized transfer of interest by the Tenant shall be a material breach of this agreement.

Indemnification: Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Owner and Broker and their agents from claims, suits or damages of any kind, from or related to any acts or omissions of Tenant or Tenant’s guests. Tenant agrees to hold Broker and its agents harmless from damages and losses unless due to Broker’s gross negligence. Tenant agrees to look solely to the Owner in the event of a legal dispute regarding this agreement or the premises.

Risk of Loss: Personal property of Tenant and Tenant’s invitees shall be in the unit at the sole risk of Tenant. Broker and Owner shall not be liable for any damage caused to said personal property arising from fire, accident, acts of God, criminal acts, acts of negligence or bursting or leaking water pipes.

Attorneys Fees: Should it become necessary for Owner or Broker to employ an attorney to enforce the terms and conditions of this agreement, Tenant shall be responsible for all costs and Attorneys fees including but not limited to an in house attorney of Broker whether or not suit is filed.

Hazards: It is unknown if there are hazards that affect the premises. Broker does not have the technical expertise to advise you of their significance or to ascertain whether or not they are present. Hazardous substances on the home can include cleaning chemicals, paint, lawn and garden chemicals and a variety of indoor air pollutants that can accumulate in improperly ventilated buildings. Hazardous substances outside the home include those found in contaminated land, water, landfills and other disposal sites, and industrial air and water emissions. Some of the more common hazards are asbestos, ground water contamination, lead base paint, urea formaldehyde foam insulation (UFFI) mold, mildew, and radon gas. Any property built prior to 1978 may contain a lead based paint hazard. Tenant is not permitted to have access to any rooms, storage areas or closets, which are designated to be exclusively for the use of the Owner.

Time is of the essence: Time is of the essence with respect to all time periods contained in this agreement.

Agency: Tenant understands and agrees that the Owner will compensate Broker.


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