How to Plan for a Day at Siesta Key Beaches

Siesta Key is full of gorgeous beaches, and no trip to this area is truly complete without spending a day in the sand. Want to know how to plan for a day at Siesta Key beaches? We’ve got your ultimate guide to the dozen access points and what you can expect to find at each one.

Access Point 1 – Shell Beach

The first access point, also known as Shell Beach, is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a quiet, relaxed experience. This beach is near a residential neighborhood, so crowds tend to be scarce. This beach has no lifeguards and isn’t recommended for swimming, but it can be an excellent place for a beachside picnic or some wildlife watching. This access point offers eight parking spots at 3940 North Shell Road. 

Access Point 2

This next access point is home to the “Broken Pier” and is within walking distance of the Siesta Key Village. The only parking here is one ADA space, but you can easily find more parking nearby in the Village. Enjoy the beautiful views of the water and rocks and relax in the soft, white sand. You’ll find this access point at 41 Beach Road. 

Access Point 3

This is another access point with no parking and few amenities, but it is incredibly walkable and is less crowded than many of the other access points nearby. You can find this access point at 100 Beach Road. 

Access Point 4

One of the most picturesque access points, this spot is also just a short distance away from the Village, which is where you’ll need to park if you can’t get one of the few parking spaces on site. Check out the beautiful tidal pools while you’re here! Find this access point at 180 Beach Road. 

Access Point 5

This access point is one of the least crowded since it offers little parking (only 20-30 spaces) and is a significant walk away from the Village. Still, those who come here find serene conditions with breathtaking views. Come to 200 Beach Road to experience it for yourself.

Access Point 7

Since there’s no Access Point 6, we move on to #7. Here, you’ll find around 40 parking spots and a close distance to the Siesta Key Village. Admire protected plant life and enjoy the gorgeous white sands at 402 Beach Road. 

Access Point 8

There’s even more protected plant life to be found over at Access Point 8. Just park in the convenient parking lot right on site (which can fit around 40 vehicles) and enjoy the view of the sailboats as you come onto the sand. This access point is located at 458 Beach Road. 

Access Point 9

While Access Point 9 has only a few parking spots (less than 20), it is still quite popular thanks to its close distance to the Ringling Beach House. Enjoy beautiful views, quiet conditions, and soft waves all day long. This access point is found at 514 Beach Road.

Access Point 10

There’s no parking at this access point, but many visitors choose to ride their bikes to get here. You can walk over to the main beach to find more amenities or stay here for a quieter experience. Come to 598 Beach Road to experience it. 

Access Point 11

This access point is excellent for large groups who need amenities and plenty of room, as it’s the most expansive stretch of beach on the entire island. Park on the street and enjoy features like restrooms, showers, and picnic pavilions. It’s all located at 690 Beach Road. 

Access Point 12 – Crescent Beach

Just moments from the Stickney Point Bridge and Siesta Village is Crescent Beach, also known as Access Point 12. Parking can be hard to find and fill up fast (there are only about 20 spots), but it’s more than worth the effort to enjoy the stunning views. You can easily walk to and from the Village for shopping, dining, and amenities. This beach is located at 6490 Midnight Pass Road. 

Access Point 13 – Point of Rocks

Last is Access Point 13, also called Point of Rocks. The rocks in question give a beautiful view of marine life, and snorkeling and swimming conditions are ideal, particularly in the morning hours. Keep in mind that there is no parking available here at 1000 Point of Rocks Road. 

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